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Power Generation

We help the gas turbine power generation sector - traditional utilities, new entrants including start-ups, and power generation companies to face challenges the industry faces like never before - fuel and electricity prices, strict emission limits, and the increasing role of renewable sources in the energy mix.

Natural gas is the backbone of fossil generation, providing reliable and flexible generation capabilities with high, weather-independent, availability and fast site installation and commissioning. However, the current energy market is going through a rapid transformation with a shift toward renewable energy, bringing new challenges to the natural gas-based power generation sector. 

Our team help our Clients to navigate through those environmental, technical and economical challenges by optimising power generation maintenance and maintenance-related operations to let them reach new heights. From supporting plant erections, identifying the assets for relocation, through to project management, supporting service agreement negotiations or providing our outage execution services, optimising the maintenance strategies and inventories, up to supporting the resale of unwanted assets. DeveEnergy provides support throughout the full lifecycle of the power plant.

We offer not only strong in-house capabilities but also can rely on our international network of experts - structural engineers, design engineers or environmental specialists.

We bring the expertise backed by decades of experience with both Original Equipment Manufacturers and Independent Service Providers together with the level of personal attention, innovation and entrepreneurship and cost-effectiveness you expect from a small consulting and service company.

Sector Industries We Support

Utilities, Government Bodies and Entities

Is your sector not listed above? Just let us know - we always seek out opportunities to unleash our potential.

Services We Provide

Outages and Field Services, Consulting, Project Management, Owner's Engineering, Parts and Equipment, Borescope Rentals

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