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Oil and Gas

From small installations to multi-phase mega projects, DeveEnergy supports gas turbines in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas industries. Anywhere in the World.

Natural gas accounts for almost 25% of the world’s energy consumption and, despite a shift toward renewable energy sources, its use is growing and is projected to grow. To help meet the increasing needs, the Oil and Gas industry requires services that will provide unprecedented availability and reliability of their operations, and gas turbines - whether mechanical drive or power generation - is a workhorse of the industry.

DeveEnergy recognises the specific requirements of the Oil and Gas sector, the boosted scale, risk, cost and complexity of the facilities and the projects. Our experts possess a rich understanding of the sector's needs and a unique combination of specialist skills - a perfect match to help our Client’s to tackle challenges and meet their operational needs.

We provide solutions to reduce the risk and impact of unplanned shut-downs and when the planned overhauls happen, we help our Clients to mitigate risks and improve the turnaround time.  We achieve this by developing and optimising existing maintenance strategies and inventories, planning and assessing upgrades and engine modification, supplying spare parts and consumables, and providing commercial and technical support for service contract negotiations and assessment. 

We offer not only strong in-house capabilities but also can rely on our international network of experts - structural engineers, design engineers or environmental specialists.

We bring the expertise backed by decades of experience with both Original Equipment Manufacturers and Independent Service Providers together with the level of personal attention, innovation and entrepreneurship and cost-effectiveness you expect from a small consulting and service company.

Sector Industries We Support

Refineries, Gas Compression Station, Production Platforms, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream

Is your sector not listed above? Just let us know - we always seek out opportunities to unleash our potential.

Services We Provide

Outages and Field Services, Consulting, Project Management, Owner's Engineering, Parts and Equipment, Borescope Rentals

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