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Tackling Combustion Dynamics on F-class Engine

Dry Low NOx (DLN) combustion system dynamics and instabilities are a known issue to 9F.03 operators with certain combustor configurations. Learn how we helped our Client to tackle those issues.





Market tranformation, Reliability, Economics, Life extension


Power Generation

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Consulting, Owner's Engineering


Gas turbine

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Amid the liberalisation of the Turkish electricity market and the increasing role of wholesale electricity trading, our Client required a solution to address the combustion system instabilities across a spectrum of load levels and ambient conditions (averaged annual temperature amplitude of 33 deg C). To add to the challenge, the plant operates with a modified, non-OEM, hardware configuration.


DeveEnergy, acting as a consultant to our end-user, helped to select the most suitable aftermarket auto-tuning solution available. We have scanned the market to identify the options that met the plant's commercial and technical objectives and support our Client throughout the competency assessment of the vendors and technical discussions with the preferred supplier.



Savings in capex


Minimised unplanned events


Extra operational flexibility

The tailored auto-tuning package provided our Client with flexible, safe and stable gas turbine operation, the ability to customise the solution as deemed necessary in the future, and minimised the occurrence of unplanned maintenance events. It has also helped to reduce the operators’ workload.

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