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Catching Issues Early on 9E-series Engines

Our team has helped one of the Holding companies to avoid costly catastrophic failures of their gas turbines and make fact-based operational decisions to ensure a vital supply of electricity to local communities.





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A reliable power supply is vital for the Nigerian economy and with economical and logistical constraints unplanned maintenance events have a noticeable impact on the livelihood of the local communities and their economy. To minimise those risks, our Client was seeking a partner who can deliver the borescope inspections and follow-up technical review to the multiple engines spread across the country.


DeveEnergy has deployed the dedicated team to perform the inspection and utilised our in-house engineering resources to provide a detailed technical assessment of the findings and recovery guidelines and plans, where required, within hours of completing each engine inspection.  We have ensured that our team deployed for the project was supporting it from the beginning to the end, providing additional reassurance of consistency and understanding of the condition of the engines.



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Our effort and work identified multiple areas of concern that could lead to costly catastrophic failures,  which allowed our Client to reduce the operational risks. We ensured short report delivery cycles, exceeding current industry standards and support the Client in making fact-driven operational decisions across the inspected fleet.

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