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About DeveEnergy


Our Vision

DeveEnergy is an independent consulting company, working with a wide variety of businesses in the energy sector - operators, insurers, consultants, and independent service providers.

We are focused on helping our customers to spend less and gain more from their generating assets. We are obsessively passionate about it. Years of experience in gas turbine services taught us which aspects of the sector are least understood and least transparent, and we see that as an opportunity. We are excited to help you navigate through your technical and commercial needs.

We do not aim at being the biggest, but we want to be a 'to go' partner for the industry. And to achieve it by building the fairest business based on trust and respect.

Inspire and empower our customers to power their communities in the most sustainable way: with no unnecessary harm to the environment, at best-in-class performance

Core Values
Core Values

What We Stand For


Focus on the Customer. Always

Our Company exists to serve you rather than our internal goals or bottom line.  Your interests and feedback are what matters and our Team is here to deliver. Our ultimate goal is to be your "to-go" partner and not yet another supplier.

We strongly believe that when we deliver on this commitment, all else will follow.


Nothing is Impossible

We challenge our ideas of what is possible to meet the needs of our Customers. Finding solutions to almost impossible challenges is part of our success. We believe that be relevant and successful we must have the unrivalled vision, innovation, and execution.


We never settle.



We support the professional growth of our Team - you can move up, move sideways - there is always a new opportunity to learn.


We thrive on helping our Customers to grow their businesses and deliver new avenues t achieve ever-greater success.


And we know that our Team growth and Customer growth will grow DeveEnergy. We are in the game of growing together - we win or lose as a team.


Do the Right Thing

Integrity, professionalism, ethics, transparency and honesty are foundations for everything we do. We are committed to openly pursuing the truth and have zero tolerance for hidden agendas.


Just Be You

Our differences are our greatest strength. Different backgrounds, experiences and points of view make us stronger. Makes us innovative. We champion an open, safe and inclusive work environment.


And whereas we would love you to be in our offices - geography does not matter, talent does. No matter where you are.

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Company Milestones

Our Story


Company establishment


First GE 9F-series consultancy contract

Office Location
Office Location

Where We Work From

DeveEnergy fully embrases the hybrid and remote-working model. That being said, we are headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Interested in visiting one of our offices? We’re more than happy to show you around! Email us and we will be in touch.

Our Headquarter in Dubai, UAE

Office #404-D, Building A6

Dubai Silicon Oasis

P.O. Box 449765


United Arab Emirates

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